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The key to the axel is getting the kite in exactly the right stalled position before you tug. With practice, you'll learn to see when the time is right, but at first it'll be a little mysterious. Some tips: Make sure the kite is completely stalled and starting to sink backwards before you tug. Let the wing you're going to tug fall back a little bit before you pull. As soon as you tug, walk or run forwards to keep plenty of slack in the line as the kite rotates flat on its belly. The flatter the rotation, the better the axel will look.


The easiest way to learn the Fade is by flying downwards at the edge of the wind window, giving slack to let the nose flare away into a ?pancake' position, then pulling with both lines to swing the nose under and into the fade position. The kite will then float on its back with the nose towards you and the lines draped over the leading edge. Control the fade by gently adjusting tension on the lines to change the angle of the nose to the wind. Fades are generally easiest to learn when the winds are light and smooth.

Side Slide

The Side Slide is the single most important move to learn before more advanced maneuvers. Every hour you spend practicing the slide will save you many as you try to learn more advanced tricks. The slide teaches you precise control of the kite when it is hovering in a stall, letting you put the kite in the exact position you need to initiate different tricks. Practice the Slide in light winds at first so you don't have to run forwards. In stronger winds you'll find that you have to walk or run forwards to hold the kite in the stall.

Tip Stab



The 540 Flat Spin is a dramatic move that requires perfect timing. Practice it in light winds at first so the kite doesn't move too fast. Cheat a little at first by cocking the kite slightly sideways before you initiate the flat spin. Pay attention to your body position, and start the move with your hands far behind you so you can give slack quickly enough. Be sure to move forwards once the kite starts to rotate so that there's enough slack in the lines to keep your wingtips from tangling.

Coin Toss

Flap Jack

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