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Flying Techniques 1

Flying Techniques (series 1)
1. Forward and reverse flight

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Flight Legend:

Rotate handles, thumbs back and launch the kite to full up altitude. Now, gradually rotate handles- thumbs forward- causing the kite to back down. Repeat this exercise while adjusting speed in both directions. Practice maintaining a straight line.

2. Horizontal flight

Flight Legend:

Fly up and to the right by momentarily applying pressure to the right thumb and then returning thumb back. As the kite approaches the edge of the wind, turn left and fly across horizontally. Attempt to maintain smooth, straight, flight.

3. Horizontal reverse flight

Flight Legend:

Begin as in exercise #1. When in full up position, tilt the kite slightly (10 degrees) by turning. Then apply reverse controls to both wings causing the kite to reverve down at a slight angle from vertical. To practice, visualize a diagonal line, then attempt to fly that line both forward and reverse. Gradually with practice, increase the angle approaching reverse flight.

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