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Flying Techniques 2

Flying Techniques (series 2)
4. Basic Reverse Launch

Flight Legend:

From the upside down position, apply full reverse to one wing (thumb rotates forward until top and bottom lines touch) and 10% to 20% reverse on the other wing. If the wind is low, pull handles down and back smoothly past you sides. This will cause your kite to roll over and land right side up.

5. Fly and Slide

Flight Legend:

Begin by flying back and forth as in excercise #2 with arms fully extended. As the kite flies across, pull back on the lower wing handle causing the kite to slide down as it flies across. Now re-extend the lower wing handle out and pull back on the upper wing handle as it slides, causing the kite to slide up as it continues flying across. To keep the kite flying forward as slides, be sure to keep the thumbs rotated back as you pull.

Any motion which includes a slide control is considered an advanced technique since it adds a third dimension to flight control. For example, control handle rotation will generate either forward or reverse lift depending on direction of thumb rotation, while the pulling motion generates a lateral or sideways lift component.

To improve touch while flying, practice responding to it with the proper control. For example, if the kite begins to slide down, pull back on the top wing handle to slide up. If the kite tilts clockwise, counter with the proper lift handle rotation, or right wing rotation, or combination of tright and left. Over control is the most common problem, sensitivity will come with practice.

6. Full Spins

Flight Legend:

Fly to a full up position then stop and hover. Generate a spin by sharply rotating one thumb forward while keeping hands together. When the spin is about 75% complete, return the thumb back to stop the spin. The stored inertia will continue to the upright position. Focus on timing while practicing spins in both directions. Continue with double and triple spins.

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