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Flying Techniques 3

Flying Techniques (series 3)
7. Inverted Hover

Flight Legend:

With the kite inverted on the ground, reverse launch the kite by rotating both control handles, thumbs forward. As the kite rises to about 4 feet, stop and hover by partially releasing the thumb rotation. This is a difficult exercise to master since "up" is now "down" and "left" is now "right". Since most instability is caused by over controlling, try to launch and hover with as little hand rotation and pulling as possible. Initial hover periods of 2 to 3 seconds are good.

8. Advanced Reverse Launch

Flight Legend:

Reverse launch using both handles (see exer.7). As the kite reverses up about 6 feet, quickly rotate one of the handles, thumb back causing the kite to spin. As the kite rotates through 90 degrees (facing out to the side), quickly rotate the other handle, thumb back. Your control handles are now in the forward flight position as the kite's inertia finishes the turn upward and into forward flight. The difficult part of this move is the timing of the control handle rotation to generate the spin and the forward flight sections. For example, the time between the spin and the forward flight signal is typically less than one second.

9. Tip Landing

Flight Legend:

Fly to a full up position then turn to the side and slide (see exercise 5) ending in a tip landing. Focus on a straight slide with no rotation. First initiate the slide, then with the pull position locked in, focus on stabilizing with slight wrist rotations. Practice regulating slide speed including stopping and sliding back up. As in all exercises, practice both left and right sides.

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