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Flying Techniques 5

Flying Techniques (series 5)
13. Slide Turns

Flight Legend:

Launch and fly kite upward. Gradually pull one handle back causing a slight amount of sliding to the flight path. As the kite curves off, apply some thumb pressure to the pull side which adds a turn on top of the slide. The harder you pull the harder you slide, while the harder you rotate the handle,-the harder you turn. This move has the effect of moving the center of rotation away from the center of the kite, which is its natural point of rotation. For example, a large radius, gradual turn is produced by a large pull with a slight handle rotation, while a tight spin is produced using extreme handle rotation and little or no pulling.

14. Instant Stop

Flight Legend:

Fly full speed up then instantly throw both controls into full reverse for a moment (thumbs rotated forward), to instantly stop the kite. Quickly release the control handle pressure enough to stabilize the kite in a hovering mode. Practice in all directions. Focus on complete motionlessness during stop and hover phase. This manuver produces one of the most impressive REVOLUTION effects, the famous "Dive .... Stop" . Fly full speed down toward the ground and at the last second, when there is obviously no way out, slam on full brakes, stopping inches from the ground in an inverted hover.

15. Reverse Flight Up

Flight Legend:

Start inverted on the ground. Reverse both controls causing the kite to launch and fly upward in reverse. The most common problem encountered is a tilting, swaying, or rocking motion caused by over controlling and/or pulling. Also stopping and re-starting tend to cause instability problems. First start from the ground, directly down wind. As the kite becomes unstable during the reverse flight simply abort, and start again from the ground. Secondly, practice the inverted hover (exer. #7) to improve sensitivity. Reverse up slowly and smoothly to avoid wing flips.

16. Inverted Side Slide
ex-16.gif (2236 bytes)

Flight Legend:

Reverse launch and hover. Pull one handle back causing the kite to slide in the opposite direction. Initially, start slowly focusing on altitude, stability, and straight flight. Practice inverted hover (exer.#7) to improve sensitivity. Note: This is one of the most technically difficult skills to develop since it contains all three control methods while flying inverted!

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