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Prism Quantum Stunt Kite


Once you pilot a serious high performance sport kite you'll never look back. The Quantum is dual-line excitement in a complete package engineered for success.

And if the wind's really honking, then you'll be leaving little boot-heel tracks in the sand with the big pull of this great kite!

New easy-to-follow instructions are printed right on the inside of the case so you'll never have to admit you read them.

The Quantum: A leap into the Future! Rock steady tracking, solid pull, positive control feel, great colors...

If you've flown before, you know that unplanned landings are a part of the game. High-end sail technology, Kevlar reinforcements, specially designed fittings, including a shock absorber on the spine, it's all engineered to make that high-speed death dive into the sand a survivable event.

  • The Quantum comes ready to fly with 150#x90'x2 spectra line set, winder, flight straps, and deluxe travel case.
  • Impressive pull in a wide wind range
  • Tough carbon frame with Kevlar-reinforced nose
  • Kinetic Dissipater system on spine absorbs unplanned landings
  • Forgiving and radical bridle settings for all skill levels
  • Easy instructions printed inside travel case
  • Convertible case packs small for travel
WingspanPullSpeedSkill LevelWind RangeWing Loading
87"Moderate - StrongModerateBeginner - Intermediate3 - 25 mph1.19 oz/ft2

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