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Prism Nexus 5 Stack


If you have some inner, desperate, unfulfilled need to impress a crowd, and you decided NOT to be an actor, then there may be a solution for you.

The answer is right at your fingertips. It's the NEW Nexus 5-Stack. When you are standing on a beach, gazing up at the sky in a calm, god-like manner, gently persuading these wonderful stunt kites to do your exact bidding, you'll never fail to draw a crowd of admirers. Of course, in a blow you'll be leaving mile long tracks in the sand so you'll be hard-pressed to get your autograph, but life could be a lot worse.

The 5-Stack Nexus Stunt Kite by Prism Kites is fully equipped, already assembled, totally ready to rock!!

The Nexus was designed for one purpose, to get you hooked on kite flying at a reasonable price.

  • Comes complete and ready to fly!
  • Lines, wrist straps, and bridles are color coded so setting it up a cinch. For big-wind days (or if you just miss the sixties), clip on the 45-foot matching tails to slow things down and draw colorful patterns in the sky all day long!
  • Instant response, and easy control in 6-25 mph winds
  • Easy to set up with everything you need included
  • Convertible case that opens to carry fully assembled stack
  • Tough carbon frame with Kevlar-reinforced nose Packs up tiny for travel
Wingspan Pull Speed Skill Level Wind Range Wing Loading
60" Moderate - Strong Moderate Intermediate 6 - 25 mph 0.9 oz/ft2

Click Here to Download the Nexus Five Stack Instruction Manual


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