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38 in. Four-Leg Large Camel Marionette


Take your stage into the desert with this large, Four-Leg Large Camel Marionette. Perfect for a large or small stage, this camel marionette features a single large hump and long, wobbly legs. The plastic airplane-type control bar will allow you to make the camel walk, run and dance! This large camel marionette measures 38 inches in height from handle to the bottom of puppet's feet!

For full movement of the marionette, it comes with a plastic, airplane-shaped control. When rocked side to side, the control causes the puppet to walk, skip, hop or dance. For other movements, the control can be moved up and down, turned, or in any variety of movements. This marionette comes with detachable strings, so there are no more tangles. You simply remove the peg in the control, remove the strings, untangle them, return them to the control, and begin enjoying the marionette again.

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