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Folkmanis Labrador, Yellow Puppet


This puppy has the power to win over any heart. Folkmanis YELLOW LAB PUPPY is poised in a relaxed position perfect for snuggling. It has a moveable mouth and front paws. Silky soft fur is combined with suede-like fabrics to create an adorable companion that is sure to be loved for a lifetime. At 17-inches long, the Yellow Lab Puppy is the perfect size for all ages.

Puppet Stats


  • Labrador Retrievers are not only the most popular dog in the United States, but in the world. They make ideal pets, rescue dogs, guide dogs, and work dogs.

  • Labs come in three colors: chocolate, black, and yellow. Puppies of different colors can occur in the same litter.

  • Yellow labs vary from white to gold to copper. Yellow lab puppies have black noses, which often turn pinkish as they get older.

  • Lab puppies are very energetic until they mature and receive training. They love to dig, play with other animals like cats, and swim.

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