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Folkmanis Rabbit, Floppy Bunny Puppet


FLOPPY BUNNY RABBIT is a delightful 17-inch bundle of softness. Created in cream-colored fabric that so ultra soft no one will ever want to put her down. Floppy Bunny Rabbit will hop into the hearts of young and old with her charming looks.

Puppet Stats
17" LONG8" WIDE7" TALL11.7 OZ


  • The European rabbit is the best known and most widely distributed of the eight groups of rabbits. All domestic breeds derive from it.

  • Rabbits thump loudly with both hind feet as a warning. All rabbits within earshot then head for their burrows.

  • Rabbits reproduce rapidly: it has been calculated that one couple can produce 13 million descendants in three years.

  • When rabbits have been introduced where no natural enemies exist, they have attained plague proportions and caused great devastation to the grasslands.

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