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Prism Stowaway Diamond Kite


Our modern twist on the classic diamond kite. Itís 37Ē tall unfurled, but folds into a pouch thatís barely a foot long, perfect for backpack, briefcase, or that spur-of-the-moment getaway to the great outdoors. Itís dye-sublimated with brilliant fractal-based geometric patterns onto colorfast ripstop polyester to create a spectacular piece of flying art thatíll last for years.

To assemble, just pull it out and let the rods spring into their connectors; the spars are connected by bungee cord just like a tent pole so thereís nothing to lose and no way to assemble it backwards. Comes with a colorful 2-part matching tail, flying line and winder. Easy instructions are printed on the sleeve, flies eagerly even in light winds.

Unique folding clasp keeps the kite flat for storage with a mesh pocket for your flying lines. Open the clasp like a book and kite springs instantly into shape, ready for action. Just clip on your line and toss into the air for unforgettable fun. Quick-start flying instructions are printed permanently on the inside of the clasp. Makes a great gift!

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