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Cat Puppet KitAdd:
Cat Puppet Kit
Price: $17.04

Create your own Cat hand puppet with this puppet kit from award-winning puppet maker, Folkmanis Puppets! Kit Includes: Plush puppet body Cut-out and ... more info

Cat, Fluffy PuppetAdd:
Cat, Fluffy Puppet
Price: $32.90

12" Tall Workable Mouth

Cat, Ragdoll PuppetAdd:
Cat, Ragdoll Puppet
Price: $49.35

28" Long Workable Mouth Aside from being a simply beautiful puppet, the 28" long Ragdoll Cat is an instant hit as a plush cat to curl up on any sofa ... more info

Caterpillar PuppetAdd:
Caterpillar Puppet
Price: $15.27

Not a pest but rather a jewel, the brilliant, emerald green Caterpillar puppet is a shining example of nature's wonder. Feel the silky, smooth ... more info

Chameleon PuppetAdd:
Chameleon Puppet
Price: $35.25

18" LONG Eye-catching and fly-catching! Our shimmery green Chameleon puppet has no need to hide. True to life eyes can be moved independently while ... more info

Cheetah Disc Golf DiscAdd:
Cheetah Disc Golf Disc
Price: $12.45

The Cheetah is a great driver for throwing straight long shots at any skill level. It is a very versatile disc that is predictably stable at lower ... more info

Cheetah Hand PuppetAdd:
Cheetah Hand Puppet
Price: $51.70

Representing one of the world's most recognizable wild predators, this Cheetah Puppet will have big cat lovers pouncing! Built for speed, this ... more info

Chef & Magician... more info
Chef & Magician
Price: $58.75

Our 28" Tall Magician and Chef are ready to be taken home. Puppets are listed left to right. Each comes with a detachable arm rod. Please click on ... more info

Chicken PuppetAdd:
Chicken Puppet
Price: $42.30

Feathers are flying as Folkmanis introduces the funky CHICKEN puppet. Guaranteed to be first in the pecking order, this chicken puppet is crazy-fun! ... more info

Children... more info
Price: $58.75

24" Tall Children Puppets are listed left to right. Each comes with a detachable arm rod. Please click on picture for a larger, more detailed image.

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