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Clock Puppet TheatreAdd:
Clock Puppet Theatre
Price: $101.08

Alex Clock Puppet Theater This colorful floor standing Puppet Theater features a chalkboard on the base to write a message or announce the show and a ... more info

Clowns... more info
Price: $59.98

Have a laugh with our 28" Clowns Puppets are listed left to right. Each comes with a detachable arm rod. Please click on picture for a larger, more ... more info

Colors in Motion FlagAdd:
Colors in Motion Flag
Price: $29.37

Made with a print-plus-embroidery Brilliance technique, this flag is sure to catch everyone's eyes! Size: 28"x40"

Cookie Monster Puppet - Sesame StreetAdd:
Cookie Monster Puppet - Sesame Street
Price: $22.03

Cookie Monster Puppet from the classic Sesame Street show. 11" tall See the rest of our Sesame Street puppets for sale online.

Cool Kitty FlagAdd:
Cool Kitty Flag
Price: $29.37

Cool Kitty Cat Flag, 28" x 40". Double sided design, decorative embroidery stitching, durable polyester fabric

Cottontail Rabbit PuppetAdd:
Cottontail Rabbit Puppet
Price: $35.99

Folkmanis Cotton Tail Rabbit Puppet Movable mouth and front paws Puppet Stats LengthWidthHeight       14"     6"     15"

Counter Puppet RackAdd:
Counter Puppet Rack
Price: $83.97

30" TALL This 30" tall counter spinner display rack holds 14-28 smaller size animal hand puppets and glove puppets on two rotating spinners. The rack ... more info

Country Tabby FlagAdd:
Country Tabby Flag
Price: $29.37

29" x 40" Country Tabby Cat Flag. Double sided design, decorative embroidery stitching, durable polyester fabric

Coyote PuppetAdd:
Coyote Puppet
Price: $38.39

15" TALL Moveable mouth He's a trickster in Native American mythology but there's no trick to animating this majestically poised Coyote puppet. ... more info

Crab PuppetAdd:
Crab Puppet
Price: $23.99

Feeling crabby? This brilliantly colored CRAB PUPPET can cheer you up in a pinch! With his multi-colored body and rounded shell, he'll sidle blithely ... more info

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