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Dog, Sheepdog PuppetAdd:
Dog, Sheepdog Puppet
Price: $52.78

24" LONG Moveable mouth He pants, he barks, he hunts for fleas, he wags his tail, he tilts his head quizzically, he sniffs your sleeve?and he makes ... more info

Dog, Sitting PuppetAdd:
Dog, Sitting Puppet
Price: $43.19

15" TALL Moveable mouth The ball's in your court, but this dog wants it back! Eager as only a dog can be, he's more than ready for playtime. Animate ... more info

Dolphin PuppetAdd:
Dolphin Puppet
Price: $28.79

With two-handed movement, the DOLPHIN puppet can leap and play as you animate the head and fluke in wave-like motion. Known for their intelligence ... more info

Dragon in Turret PuppetAdd:
Dragon in Turret Puppet
Price: $33.59

The DRAGON IN TURRET is the latest pop-up from the magic makers at Folkmanis® Puppets. King of this castle is a lively baby dragon with colorful ... more info

Dragon, Three Headed PuppetAdd:
Dragon, Three Headed Puppet
Price: $28.79

10" TALL Three moveable mouths As anyone with a sibling knows, brothers and sisters sometimes don't get along! How much harder would it be if you ... more info

Duckling PuppetAdd:
Duckling Puppet
Price: $23.99

It's a classic springtime sight, a line of fluffy yellow ducklings waddling after mom. Operate the beak and wings of this baby DUCKLING PUPPET for a ... more info

Eagle Finger PuppetAdd:
Eagle Finger Puppet
Price: $9.00

5" Tall The power to fly like an eagle is at your fingertips, and your imagination. All you need now is this Eagle finger puppet and you?re ready to ... more info

Eagle PuppetAdd:
Eagle Puppet
Price: $39.59

29" WINGSPAN A national symbol and until recently an endangered species, the bald eagle evokes pride and nostalgia. This striking Eagle puppet ... more info

Eastern Chipmunk PuppetAdd:
Eastern Chipmunk Puppet
Price: $23.99

Chubby cheeks and racing stripes greet you when this friendly Chipmunk climbs aboard your hand. Movable mouth and arms Puppet Stats ... more info

Elephant PuppetAdd:
Elephant Puppet
Price: $55.18

20" LONG Flexing Trunk Action, Workable Mouth This ponderous pachyderm simulates the largest landlubber in the animal kingdom. You can animate his ... more info

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