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Flying Techniques 2... more info
Flying Techniques 2
4. Basic Reverse Launch Flight Legend: From the upside down position, apply full reverse to one wing (thumb rotates forward until top ... more info

Flying Techniques 3... more info
Flying Techniques 3
7. Inverted Hover Flight Legend: With the kite inverted on the ground, reverse launch the kite by rotating both control handles, thumbs ... more info

Flying Techniques 4... more info
Flying Techniques 4
10. Horizontal Reverse Flight Legend: Fly up to 20', turn 90? and fly toward edge of wind window. Apply thumb pressure (reverse control) ... more info

Flying Techniques 5... more info
Flying Techniques 5
13. Slide Turns Flight Legend: Launch and fly kite upward. Gradually pull one handle back causing a slight amount of sliding to the ... more info

Flying Techniques 6... more info
Flying Techniques 6
17. Slow Motion Spins Flight Legend: Center point, slow motion spins can be produced by changing the speed and timing of facet turns. ... more info

Folkdancer PuppetAdd:
Folkdancer Puppet
Price: $71.98

Puppets are 28 inches tall and come with a detachable arm wand

Folkmanis Bear, Black Cub PuppetAdd:
Folkmanis Bear, Black Cub Puppet
Price: $43.19

The Folkmanis BLACK BEAR CUB is an unbearably cute 15-inch puppet. Just the right amount of stuffing makes this cub a snuggly teddy bear but with ... more info

Folkmanis Crocodile Stage PuppetAdd:
Folkmanis Crocodile Stage Puppet
Price: $28.79

13" Tall Workable Mouth The possibilities are endless as you spark a child's imagination with this plush Crocodile Puppet by Folkmanis. The Crocodile ... more info

Folkmanis Elephant Stage PuppetAdd:
Folkmanis Elephant Stage Puppet
Price: $28.79

This ELEPHANT STAGE PUPPET is one armful of fun with unique fabrics and a fun, movable trunk. Movable mouth and front legs. Trunk has pull-ring ... more info

Folkmanis Frog iN Spaceship PuppetAdd:
Folkmanis Frog iN Spaceship Puppet
Price: $38.39

Whimsical and easy-to-use, Folkmanis’ Frog in Spaceship puppet takes fantasy across the galaxy. This long-legged Frog is so simple to operate, kids – ... more info

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