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Folkmanis Peacock, Small PuppetAdd:
Folkmanis Peacock, Small Puppet
Price: $28.20

The full-sized Folkmanis Peacock has won multiple awards. Now with the same fabulous colors highlighting the male bird, the 10-inch SMALL PEACOCK is ... more info

Folkmanis Princess, FlowerAdd:
Folkmanis Princess, Flower
Price: $14.10

Every little princess will be delighted with Folkmanis' FLOWER PRINCESS finger puppet. Standing 7-inches tall, Flower Princess has a sweet face; ... more info

Folkmanis Rabbit, Floppy Bunny PuppetAdd:
Folkmanis Rabbit, Floppy Bunny Puppet
Price: $32.90

FLOPPY BUNNY RABBIT is a delightful 17-inch bundle of softness. Created in cream-colored fabric that so ultra soft no one will ever want to put her ... more info

Folkmanis Raven PuppetAdd:
Folkmanis Raven Puppet
Price: $30.55

Raven hand puppet with movable beak. 16" Tall

Folkmanis T-Rex Stage PuppetAdd:
Folkmanis T-Rex Stage Puppet
Price: $23.50

15" x 10"

Folkmanis Weaver Dragon PuppetAdd:
Folkmanis Weaver Dragon Puppet
Price: $58.75

16" x 17" Adding to the Folkmanis family of award-winning dragon puppets is this timeless symbol of heraldry, the Wyvern Dragon. Itís easy to ... more info

Folkmans Donkey Stage PuppetAdd:
Folkmans Donkey Stage Puppet
Price: $30.55

With Amazing lifelike details and an easy to use movable mouth, this toothy Donkey Stage Puppet is ready to bray and play! Movable mouthPuppet ... more info

Folkmonster Blueper PuppetAdd:
Folkmonster Blueper Puppet
Price: $39.95

Blueper is a mechanically capable FolkMonster, born with a passion and knack for putting odd things together and making them work. They're not always ... more info

Folkmonster Twickety Bird PuppetAdd:
Folkmonster Twickety Bird Puppet
Price: $39.95

What is a Twickety? Everyone asks, but answering's not an easy task. Twickety is made of things that mean a lot to you and me, but all that Twickety ... more info

Fox Finger PuppetAdd:
Fox Finger Puppet
Price: $9.40

6" Long Feeling hounded? Let this clever little Fox finger puppet wile a smile out of you! Slip this little guy on your finger and he?ll have your ... more info

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