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Gray Wolf PuppetAdd:
Gray Wolf Puppet
Price: $48.60

Featuring feathery plush & a gentle, movable mouth, this realistic Timber Wolf puppet is anything but ferocious: it's hungry for love!Movable ... more info

Grey Squirrel PuppetAdd:
Grey Squirrel Puppet
Price: $40.50

At a full 12" long, he'll be the star of your show and your best friend, too. Gray Squirrel Puppet by Folkmanis has movable hands and mouth.

Grizzly Bear PuppetAdd:
Grizzly Bear Puppet
Price: $54.00

Folkmanis Grizzly Bear Hand Puppet Lumbering and sniffing around for a snack, this GRIZZLY BEAR puppet is also hungry for love! Decked out in thick, ... more info

Grover Puppet - Sesame StreetAdd:
Grover Puppet - Sesame Street
Price: $27.00

Grover Puppet from the classic Sesame Street show. 11" tall See the rest of our Sesame Street puppets for sale online.

Grunting Pig PuppetAdd:
Grunting Pig Puppet
Price: $40.50

Equipped with a realistic sounding grunter that activates with a squeeze of his pot belly, this cuddly little porker will have you rolling on the ... more info

Harmony FlagAdd:
Harmony Flag
Price: $33.05

Made with a print-plus-embroidery Brilliance technique, this flag is sure to catch everyone's eyes! Size: 28"x40"

Hedgehog Finger PuppetAdd:
Hedgehog Finger Puppet
Price: $8.78

4" Long

Hedghog PuppetAdd:
Hedghog Puppet
Price: $29.70

8" TALL Rolls into ball Don't hedge your bets! This Hedgehog puppet has places for all five digits, has a soft, short plush face and underbelly and a ... more info

Hermit Crab PuppetAdd:
Hermit Crab Puppet
Price: $35.10

Pulls into Shell Puppet Stats LengthWidthHeight 13" 9" WIDE 11"

Holland Lop Rabbit PuppetAdd:
Holland Lop Rabbit Puppet
Price: $40.50

Folkmanis Holland Lop Rabbit Puppet Movable mouth and front paws Puppet Stats LengthWidthHeight        17"         6"      8"

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