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Grunting Pig PuppetAdd:
Grunting Pig Puppet
Price: $40.50

Equipped with a realistic sounding grunter that activates with a squeeze of his pot belly, this cuddly little porker will have you rolling on the ... more info

Harmony FlagAdd:
Harmony Flag
Price: $33.05

Made with a print-plus-embroidery Brilliance technique, this flag is sure to catch everyone's eyes! Size: 28"x40"

Hedgehog Finger PuppetAdd:
Hedgehog Finger Puppet
Price: $8.78

4" Long

Hedghog PuppetAdd:
Hedghog Puppet
Price: $29.70

8" TALL Rolls into ball Don't hedge your bets! This Hedgehog puppet has places for all five digits, has a soft, short plush face and underbelly and a ... more info

Hermit Crab PuppetAdd:
Hermit Crab Puppet
Price: $35.10

Pulls into Shell Puppet Stats LengthWidthHeight 13" 9" WIDE 11"

Holland Lop Rabbit PuppetAdd:
Holland Lop Rabbit Puppet
Price: $40.50

Folkmanis Holland Lop Rabbit Puppet Movable mouth and front paws Puppet Stats LengthWidthHeight        17"         ... more info

Horse PuppetAdd:
Horse Puppet
Price: $64.80

Ride on into fun with the HORSE PUPPET! Slide your hand through the chest area to open her mouth, turn her head or buck and rear. With her flowing ... more info

How to Fly a Stunt Kite... more info
How to Fly a Stunt Kite
Introduction If you can ride a bicycle, you can fly a sport kite. Everyone knows how to steer a bike, don?t they? You turn the handle bar to the ... more info

Hummingbird Finger PuppetAdd:
Hummingbird Finger Puppet
Price: $10.80

7" Long Finger Puppet

Iguana PuppetAdd:
Iguana Puppet
Price: $37.80

32" LONG Moveable mouth This beautiful green Iguana puppet makes a perfect pet for lizard lovers. Versatile and realistic, you can animate his forked ... more info

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