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Baby Panda PuppetAdd:
Baby Panda Puppet
Price: $35.10

The Folkmanis® BABY PANDA puppet is the perfect size for on the go fun. Enjoy hours of playtime as you learn to animate head, mouth and all four legs ... more info

Baby Sea Otter PuppetAdd:
Baby Sea Otter Puppet
Price: $24.30

Folkmanis Sea Otter Puppet Nestled in your arms, the soulful eyes of this charming BABY SEA OTTER puppet will bring out your nurturing instincts. ... more info

Baby Sloth PuppetAdd:
Baby Sloth Puppet
Price: $45.90

What's your hurry? This two-toed BABY SLOTH PUPPET is taking it easy and wants to be carried everywhere with you. This fascinating creature comes ... more info

Bald EagleAdd:
Bald Eagle
Price: $33.05

Bald Eagle Flag - 28" x 40"

Barbara Black Full Body PuppetAdd:
Barbara Black Full Body Puppet
Price: $71.55

This NEW fullbody puppet stands 25 inches tall and comes dressed as shown. Puppets wear child size 2T clothes. Insert your hand into the slot in the ... more info

Barbara Black Glove Style PuppetAdd:
Barbara Black Glove Style Puppet
Price: $39.15

This 14 inch glove style puppet has a movable mouth and hands!

Bartholomew Roberts Pirate FlagAdd:
Bartholomew Roberts Pirate Flag
Price: $18.71

Bartholomew Roberts Pirate Flag, from the famous pirates collection. Features a silk-screened image on both sides. Made with durable 200 denier nylon ... more info

Basset Hound PuppetAdd:
Basset Hound Puppet
Price: $48.60

With sad eyes and a droopy expression, this BASSET HOUND PUPPET begs for a warm cuddle. Hey, we all need a hug now and then, right? And with his soft ... more info

Bat Finger PuppetAdd:
Bat Finger Puppet
Price: $8.10

10" WINGSPAN This little bat puppet spreads skin-thin wings, ready to take to the sky on the tip of your finger. With silk-screened detailing and ... more info

Bat PuppetAdd:
Bat Puppet
Price: $35.10

24" Wingspan Moveable mouth This realistically detailed Brown Bat puppet features a workable mouth, complete with fangs, and leather-like fabric ... more info

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