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Bear Stage PuppetAdd:
Bear Stage Puppet
Price: $32.40

Perform your own version of a Winter's Tale with the Stage Bear puppet. Black and brown fur with movable mouth and arms for dramatic appeal, ... more info

Beaver Finger PuppetAdd:
Beaver Finger Puppet
Price: $11.48

7" Long

Beaver PuppetAdd:
Beaver Puppet
Price: $40.50

18" LONG Moveable mouth Not for idle hands, this beaver puppet is ready to get down to business. His resume includes sleek brown fur (for swimming), ... more info

Big Bird Puppet - Sesame StreetAdd:
Big Bird Puppet - Sesame Street
Price: $27.00

Big Bird Puppet from the classic Sesame Street show. 11" tall See the rest of our Sesame Street puppets for sale online.

Bighorn Sheep Stage PuppetAdd:
Bighorn Sheep Stage Puppet
Price: $32.40

Pretend you are in the mountains enjoying the peaceful scenery and fresh air. This BIGHORN SHEEP puppet can be your guide as an expert climber and a ... more info

Bird House Buddies FlagAdd:
Bird House Buddies Flag
Price: $33.05

Birdhouse buddies flag - 28" x 40"

Birdie Disc Golf DiscAdd:
Birdie Disc Golf Disc
Price: $16.20

The Birdie is a slow, straight flyer with our Thumtrac® grip for a sure release. It has great chain catching ability. Great for approach shots, as ... more info

Black Cat PuppetAdd:
Black Cat Puppet
Price: $29.70

Feline fans don't care much about superstition when it comes to the new Black Cat puppet. Stretched out and ready for playtime, this cool kitten has ... more info

Blackbeard/Edward Teach Pirate FlagAdd:
Blackbeard/Edward Teach Pirate Flag
Price: $18.71

Edward Teach Blackbeard Pirate Flag, from the famous pirates collection. Features a silk-screened image on both sides. Made with durable 200 denier ... more info

Bleating Sheep Puppet *OUT OF STOCK*Add:
Bleating Sheep Puppet *OUT OF STOCK*
Price: $45.90

Yes, you "herd” right; a new BLEATING SHEEP puppet grazes in Folkmanis pastures. With her sweet, comical face and soft, silvery fleece, this is one ... more info

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